Since 2002, Comdev has been leading in web components development with PHP. Over the past decade, we have developed much tecnologies for the website industry and we would like to thank all our customers and partners for supporting our business throughout the years.

With years of solid foundation in the Internet technology and marketing, we have now changed our business nature into the consumer-based market. Thus, we have changed our business name from "Comdev Software" to "Comdev Venture".

Comdev Venture is a venture capitalist company that looks for potential business that could leverage on the Internet technology. With our technology platform for marketing, operation and business strategies, we have achieved great milestone for our ventures.

In 2013, we founded and ventured into the muslim fashion industry under the brand "SCARF Secrets". SCARF Secrets focuses on the latest hijab fashion and high grade fragrance.


Below is our headquarter and we can be contacted at the following:

Comdev Venture Sdn Bhd
20, Jalan Lengkuas C16/C, Ken Rimba,
Seksyen 16, 40200 Shah Alam, Malaysia